Get your American Idol Songs Here pitching for Casey Leblanc

Submitted by The Critic on Sat, 2005-08-13 19:54

When became a talking point during American Idol there was a great deal of media fuss made over the site that was pitching for viewers to vote through the worst contestant in the hopes of upsetting the rich producers and record companies. While they took credit for Scott Savol making it into the top five, now that the American version of the show is over, have turned their attention to Canadian Idol.

Nackawic's Casey Leblanc has been declared as the Californian website's worst contestant on Canadian Idol much to the disgust of Casey's fans.

It's been a lousy year for Nackawic with the paper mill shutting down so Casey really is their ray of hope. Despite having great hometown support, is adamant Casey is the worst and is urging supporters of Daryl Brunt who was eliminated this week to vote for her.

I think she did a wonderful

I think she did a wonderful job!!....She has been a great roll model for the younger viewers out there.

Haha she is horrible! Well

Haha she is horrible! Well not that bad I guess but u know she basically is the worst of what's left!