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It's crazy to consider for only two yrs, can produce its users into superstardom. The situation in point: Baby Ariel. Just a little more than a year ago, the 16-year-old Florida native only agreed to be a normal senior high school girl. But after she downloaded abitgames from monotony and began uploading vids, she tallied up 15 million followers so quick she barely observed that they were becoming famous.

"I recognized I had been growing on initially when I first got recognized in public places," Baby Ariel distributed to "I had been at Old Navy with my granny which girl emerged in my experience and requested for any photo. We are spoken for a while. Which was after I recognized things I did permit me for connecting with real people."'s success did not happen quite as rapidly. Once the application launched in 2014, it built a loyal group of followers - however, it wasn't growing quick enough to outlive alongside mega competitors like Instagram and Snapchat. Then founder Alex Zhu was built with a lightbulb moment: was's slow growth just a branding problem? Alex's team revamped the app's design, therefore, the emblem was visible in videos - and shot to #1 around the iTunes application store within two several weeks.

Still, some skeptics have the wrong impression. "Most people who've never because of the application an opportunity think it is simply a lip-synching application, there is, however, more into it," 16-year-old Kristen Hancher, that has 11.5 million followers, told "That you can do comedy skits, show people songs, create tales, live moments, and lots of other awesome stuff that expand your creativeness."

What keeps Musers returning for more? Besides the truth that everybody looks awesome AF in hyper-speed music vids, superusers repeat the app's appeal is its passionate and distinctively positive community. "We like since you can do anything whatsoever around the application, be genuine, and also have an enjoyable experience and also you will not receive hate in the users or public," 17-year-old twins Lucas and Marcus stated within an email to Some of the best stars agreed: the application is a strange corner of the internet where supportive commenters greatly outnumber the trolls.

If you have been itching to obtain the action rather of just watching your fave Musers on repeat, consider this as the guide. The app's top stars from around the globe share all of their best ideas to bring your profile one stage further.

1. You Shouldn't Be Afraid Of The Training CURVE.

"We made our first video in fast mode also it appeared as if I was moving like snails it had been so bad. We are certainly happy with just how much we have improved, and it is fun trying blog!" Dani, 16, who performs together with her 13-year-old-sister Deven, told

These California-based siblings have 1.5 million fans on

12-year-old Danielle Cohn concurs, getting leaped into the application with zero experience before gathering 3.5 million fans. "My first ended up being to Becky G's 'I Can't Stop Dancing," she stated. "I do think back in internet marketing and cringe since I am little and dancing and extremely did not understand what I had been doing. But I am so happy with myself for the way much I've grown. I'm able to slowly move the camera a lot better than before."

2. If You Wish To DANCE, Purchase A TRIPOD.

"We usually can't contain the phone ourselves like the majority of Musers do because we dance a great deal, but there exists a stand we set up that makes it a great deal simpler," Dani shared. "We get our buddies inside it, or they'll help the film, also it causes it to be fun for people! Make sure to practice enjoy yourself using the beat. Understanding the rhythm is essential whether you are dancing or lip syncing."

3. Help Make Your VIDS POP WITH PROPS.

"My most widely used video was one Used to do towards the song 'Popular.' It resonated well with fans since I used props and extremely acted the song," stated Baby Ariel.

With 16 million fans and counting, Baby Ariel is easily the most adopted Muser.


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