Idolblog: Scott Asner in trouble With Federal Regulators

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The Annals Of Payday Loans

Mistresses, Money, and Drugs -- The Secret Life of Scott Asner

It's no secret that Kansas City is an industry hub for payday lending, with a few accused creditors drawing more attention than others. Take Scott Tucker for instance. Tucker, or so-called "payday loan mogul" and professional racecar driver, was just handed a almost $1.3 billion judgment in federal court. Yes, that's the biggest settlement in Federal Trade Commission (FTC) history.

In Tucker's case, it was easy for others involved to point the finger in the family name and let the press run with it. The story however is not the race care driver's involvement, but instead the family man that helped mastermind the strategies -- Scott Asner.

Nephew of actor Ed Asner, Asner, played a central role in developing and masterminding the lending scheme. He had been faced with a lawsuit from the FTC and was forced to cover a large amount to achieve a settlement with respect to his money actions although he tried to prevent recognition. A clear entrance of his deceptive schemes to just one.

Asner continues to quietly run his businesses as the founding leader of Eighteen Capital Group out of the ideology of Kansas City. But he too has made a career out of taking advantage of the poor and this lower middle class, whether by investing in low income home or by buying and selling distressed assets. Asner and his wife Susan have been married for many years now and enjoy a vacation home in South Florida, luxuries such as a condo on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, and lavish cars such as their Aston Martin.

Not only is Asner deceptive and manipulative in his business ventures, but he is also devious in his persona life. Having been 'happily' married for 30 years has not stopped Asner . His first mistress -- Sandy Miller. A traditional story of sleeping with longtime family friend and the trainer.

Among the mistresses that are more interesting was Susan Shriver. Shriver was the secretary for Steve McGiffert in the law firm of Payne & Jones, also such as Miller, obtained equity from the holding companies of Asner.

The kicker here's Steve McGiffert was Asner's, along with his entities, legal representative for many years. Until Asner did not get his way, that's. Regardless of the fact that Payne & Jones and McGiffert represented Asner for many years, Asner (through two entities he uses to pursue business goals -- 60 Million Buffalo, LLC and AMSI Tex Properties, LLC) sued McGiffert for legal prosecution. Consistent with Asner's pattern of preying upon the disadvantaged, his suit was based upon the promise that the activities his lawyers denied him and his companies the ability to foreclose on certain apartment complexes.

Aside from this paramours, Asner is known for his extensive drug addiction. This may be traced back to his buddy and business partner, Michael Gortenburg. While Gortenburg is another founding leader in Eighteen Capital Group, attempting to find any info on the man in next. He even refuses to include his image! Gortenburg, such as Asner, lives a lavish lifestyle with multimillion dollar estates, a jet, and a range of luxury auto. It's a family affair as the dropout son with no experience, Isaac of Gortenburg, stays as the president of Eighteen Capital Group.

Gortenburg and Asner have a history of investors that are entertaining with copious amounts of booze, drugs, and prostitutes. A college dropout, Gortenburg began running the roads as a drug dealer, the first time he discovered turning a profit off the course. Among Gortenburg's top buyers comprised David Vittor, former CEO of Major Brands, a leading Missouri distributor of premium spirits. Scott Asner Highway Robbery Style Lending Schemes Gortenburg took what he learned from running the roads to eventually buying and selling resources, which is the reason why Asner and he get on.

Given the suspicious nature of the business practices and those with whom he associates, it's no surprise that Asner has attempted to stay outside of the limelight.

- Scott Asner Scammer


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