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Contraindications are situations in which a certain drug

should not be used to be used as it may cause harm. There are several

situations in which HCG injections should not be used. Some reasons behind these

contraindications are known whereas for others there are really no reasons. What

are these contraindications?

Before you start using HCG injections, it is important to inform

your doctor of any condition you may be having. Among the most important ones

to point out are pregnancy, lactating, cancer, allergies, seizures, kidney

disease, liver problems, asthma, heart disease and migraine. The doctor will

advice you on whether taking HCG injections is a good idea or not. Allergies are

particularly very important. If you are allergic to HCG or any related chemical

you should not use these injections. You may develop a hypersensitive reaction

that can be fatal. People who are allergic to benzyl alcohol should also not

use HCG injections. This is contained in the bacterostatic water used to

dissolve HCG for injection purposes.

In children, HCG injections should only be used to treat

cryptogonadism though it is contraindicated in children under the age of four. Any

child with precocious puberty should not be treated with HCG either. These have

early puberty and HCG will serve to make the visible signs even more


Patients with asthma, renal disease, seizure, migraines and cardiac

disease tend to be worsened by fluid retention. HCG induces the secretion of

androgens which cause fluid retention. People with these conditions therefore

should not use HCG as it will make the conditions worse.

People with neoplastic disease linked to sex hormones should

not use HCG injections. Males with prostate cancer should not use HCG

injections. This is because HCG stimulates the growth of tissues that whose

development is controlled by hormones. For this reason, women with vaginal

bleeding of unknown origin should not use HCG. 

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone is classified as

pregnancy category X by the Food and Drug Agency. Drugs in this category are

contraindicated in pregnancy. It has been shown that exogenous HCG leads to

congenital anomalies in the fetus since there is endogenous HCG produced and

adding more will lead to an excess. Multiple gestations may also occur and

these come with their fair share of challenges.

What about breastfeeding mothers; can they use HCG

injections? Indeed they can but with some caution. Like other gonadotropins HCG

may be secreted in breast milk but the effects of this is unknown. 

There is no data available on the interaction of HCG with

medicines but they may have some adverse effects. It is important to inform

your healthcare provider like of any medicines you are taking. Herbal and dietary

supplements interact with HCG and can lead to adverse effects. Among the known

ones are chasteberry, black cohosh and blue cohosh. Chasteberry in particular

may lead to ovarian hyperstimulation when taken together with HCG. 

Bottom line is that there are several conditions in which

HCG injections are contraindicated. Even if the condition you are suffering

from is not mentioned here it is very important to inform your healthcare

provider before you start taking the shots. Whether you are taking them for

weight loss, infertility treatment or to reduce the effects of steroids it is

very important to be cautious.


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