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Canadian Idol Episode 2 - Auditions Review

Submitted by The Critic on Tue, 2006-06-13 01:49

Montreal is famous for it's and history, culture and architecture but it's also becoming a hotbed for fresh young talent in the music industry. Perhaps the next Canadian Idol will be from this part of the country.

17 year old Marie-Soleil McPhee from Pincourt, QC sings Gloria Gaynor - The Best Of Gloria Gaynor - Never Can Say Goodbye Never Can Say Goodbye but just hears "no no no, no no no" from the judges. Andrew Chevrier, 25 from Montreal, QC sings a little Queen through his own microphone. I laugh when he sings "Just gotta get right outta here". Yes Andrew, you do! Louisa Abbacha, 18 from Montreal, QC looks like shes kneeding pizza dough with all of her hand movements and yet howls like a dog.

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20 year old Anna-Belle Oliva from Montreal has a story to tell like everyone else who auditions for Idol. 11 months ago she lost her 16 year old brother in a fire and now she's here to share her talent with the world like he would want her to. She sings Alicia Keys' Alicia Keys - Songs in A Minor - A Woman's Worth A Woman's Worth and the judges felt the emotion in her song. It's definite yeses from all four judges so she's the first going through to Toronto from tonight's show.

Julia Nguyen, 25 from Montreal, QC isn't going to follow up with a golden ticket despite looking cool and dressing well. She butchers her song and asks for some honesty so the judges tell her straight. She can't sing.

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Having to endure plenty of high notes and terrible dancing, the pressure of the day was starting to show. George Bekiaris, 22 from Laval, QC has no idea what he's walking into when he starts his audition singing Michael Bublé - Moondance (Sessions@AOL) - Single - Moondance Moondance. Jake and Zack end up yelling at each other when Zack asks Jake if he'd put him through if he looked like Kalan Porter and sang as he did but Jake doesn't like his voice anyway and rebukes Zack for trying to tell him what he thinks. Poor George got caught in the cross fire and couldn't figure out why three liked his voice but he still got two no's.

Anna Meer, 19 from Montreal, QC is very flamboyant but can't sing at all. She starts three times and eventually pulls out her words as Zack starts cracking up laughing. The judges leave and let her sit at their desk. When they come back they sing with her. "Goodbye everybody. I've got to go. Got to leave it all behind and face the truth. Mama. Oooooh. I don't want to die but sometimes I wish I'd never been born at all." A bit of a piss take but hilariously fun.

Amy Torok Audition

28 year old Amy Torok from Oshawa, ON has the judges split on whether or not she should be getting a golden ticket to Toronto. Zack offers to give up his next pick if they put her through and Farley says to Jake that he'll arm wrestle him for Amy's golden ticket. Jake concedes and Amy finds herself with a golden ticket in hand. Farley says she has soul coming out of her nose hole.

Alissa White-Gluz Audition

We might be in for an extreme treat this year as Alissa White-Gluz, 20 from Montreal, QC auditions. She is the real deal heavy metaler complete with the fishnet stockings and long blue hair. We hear her with her band and hear her growling. She sings Queen - Classic Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody Bohemian Rhapsody and it's ok but I imagine that she'll be going through cause she has a good personality and her story is interesting. Acutally, it's looking like a no but Jake says he's calling in his favour after he was there for the others with Amy. Looks like she's going to Toronto after all.

22 made it through to Toronto in the hopes of becoming Quebec's first Canadian Idol.

Saskatchewan premier Lorne Calvert welcomes the Canadian Idol contestants and tells them how proud the province is to have them auditioning and representing them with their talent.

Cecil Armistead, 26 from Regina, SK asks if the judges would like to hear him sing something. "Not particularly" is the response. He still sings John Denver - Take Me Home: The John Denver Story - Take Me Home, Country Roads Take Me Home, Country Roads however.

Dusty Hunter Audition

Dusty Hunter, 23 from Shaunavon, SK works on the farm with his brothers and used to be a hockey player till he caught a stick in his eye when he was in Texas. He sings The Gaither Vocal Band - Gaither Gospel Series: Gaither Vocal Band - I Do Believe - He's Watching Me He's Watching Me and Jake is an instant fan and thinks he's a natural. Sass thinks he has a beautiful clear voice. It's a yes from Zack so Farley hands him his golden ticket and Dusty becomes the first person heading to Toronto on this leg of the Canadian Idol audition tour.

Hoping to join the gold rush is Ashley Pachkowsky, 19 from Saskatoon, SK. It's quite obvious that she's delusional after hearing her attempt Queen - Queen: Greatest Hits I & II - Somebody to Love Somebody To Love. It's pretty attrocious and Ben jokes that she isn't familiar with the term "cutting your loses" as she starts to wail and trill at the end of the song.

Matt Davis, 20 from Kerrobert, SK has Zack telling him that he sings like he needs a good bowel movement. Helene Hewitt, 28 from Sherwood Park, AB sings Blondie - Call Me - EP - Call Me Call Me until Zack brings up that she's a school teacher and asks her to sing Cedarmont Kids - Toddler Tunes - The Wheels On the Bus The Wheels On The Bus. To her discredit, she does.

Zack tells cheerleader Samara Yung, 18 from Yorkton, SK that at this point in the day, if she burps in tune he'll give her a yes. Burping in tune is obviously harder than you'd think as there's no love for her. Marlie Collins, 16 from Saskatoon, SK and Shea MacNaughton, 26 from Weyburn, SK both get burned and sent packing. Sarah Maduck, 19 from Saskatoon, SK argues for the chance to do another song but her begging is futile. Lana Brix, 28 from Fallis, AB has Jake wanting to get up and leave the room and Charity Christie, 27 from Regina, SK has the judges all in chorus singing "Say Goodbye". Zack finishes up by saying he's having this weird Deja Vu where he's been hearing people singing really badly for the last four years. What a funny guy.

Tyler Lewis Audition

Hoping to break the run of poor auditions is 19 year old Tyler Lewis from Rockglen, SK. He sings a little Elvis with Elvis Presley - Heartbreak Hotel - Single - Heartbreak Hotel Heartbreak Hotel and rocks the joint. Sass is loving it but says he needs to change his pants. All the judges seem impressed though which means the dry spell is broken as Regina finally has another contestant heading to Toronto for the next round. Only five have made it through to Toronto from this leg of the audition tour but any one of them could be the next Canadian Idol.

The next stop on our audition tour is St John's, the most easterly city on North America, one of the oldest in the country and last year's runner was from here. Hundreds show up to prove that Rex Goudie's success was no fluke.

20 year old Jackie French from Mount Pearl, NL almost took the roof off with Fantasia - Free Yourself - Summertime Summertime but as Ben points out, the only thing she'll be doing is steering ships clear of the harbour.

Brandon Jones, 16 from Quispamsis, NB sings Fuel - The Best of Fuel - Hemorrhage (In My Hands) Hemorrhage (In My Hands) and really impresses the judges. Jake is confident he could do really well in the competition so he gets his golden ticket. I thought he was actually really good and deserving of a place in the next round. After he leaves, the judges really talk him up as the kid everyone is going to fall in love with.

Imitation may be the highest form of flattery but for certain people, it really is an insult. Jennifer Purchase, 18 from St Johns, NL is entertaining but by no means the next Melissa O'Neil.

Holly Nelson, 25 from St John's NL is a little spooky to be honest. She sings a Theresa Sokyrka song but it's really not good enough. Outside she is all "thanks for this opportunity and letting me meet lots of wonderful people" but it just lacks sincerity and comes off quite cheesey.

Craig Sharpe Audition

When Farley stepped out for a minute Craig Sharpe, 16 from Upper Island Cove, NL came in to audition. He sings Rascal Flatts - 2006 Grammy Nominees - Bless the Broken Road Bless The Broken Road and really impresses the three remaining judges with his wonderful tone. Sass asks him if he has the flu and then says that she has the best medicine for that - a Gold Ticket to Toronto.

A further 7 hopefuls joined Craig from the St John's auditions in the hopes of landing a place in the top 22.

Elena Juatco asks everyone what they love about Ben. As you can imagine, all the little teeny girls are smitten.

Toronto saw 3000 audition in the hopes that someone from the city would make the top 10 for the first time since 2003.

First up was 17 year old Ashley Boucher from Oshawa, ON. She didn't sing too badly considering she was tone deaf. Perhaps that explains why she had to block one of her ears while she sang. I'm suprised she wasn't trying to block the other one as well. She seriously sounded like a flatline at the end.

Ashley Wynter, 20 from Oakville, ON had some interaction from Jake as she sang Madonna - Like a Virgin - Like a Virgin Like A Virgin before Aldo Parise, 28 from Bolton, ON reintroduced us to another Madonna classic, Madonna - The Immaculate Collection - Vogue Vogue complete with dance routine. Joy Chapman, 19 from Toronto, ON was the best techno-gospel performer Canadian Idol has ever had. But it was still absolute crap. Jake tells her that Jesus loves a remix.

What is it with all the Eastern European's and their terrible song renditions on Canadian Idol? Iryna Chorna, 23 from Thornhill, ON is another contestant singing Fantasia - Free Yourself - Summertime Summertime but it's so slow that they probably would have had to cut 100 people from auditioning if they let her finish.

The judges have their doubts as to whether or not Rob Gardiner, 17 from Trenton, ON is a genuine urban cowboy. Zack threatens to shoot the fire extinguisher at him if he twangs again.

Zack has a few requests he'd like to make to some of the contestants. Do you know "Snowball's chance in Hell"? "When Hell Freezes Over?" What about "When monkeys fly out of my butt"? Henry Stratigacos, 23 from Toronto, ON is interupted by Zack on a mission to have fun as he lies on top of a road case with wheels and launches himself across the room pretending to fly like superman. Phillip Fournier, 18 from Toronto, ON is also interupted but this time by Zack giving him some cookies to take out and share with everyone else in the holding room. Jack and Zack then get a power cable and use it as a skipping rope as Farley jumps during some poor girls audition. Chanell Kodar, 25 from Toronto, ON has Farley wheel out what looks like a giant meat bin that has Zack inside waving goodbye and dropping the hint that it's time to exit, stage left.

Nico Hinesini, 21 from Woodbridge, ON gets the message spelt out to him as the judges pick up the polystyrene letters to spell NO. Zack then uses the O to play 10 Pin Bowling with the rest. Ben tells us that the judges are like kids on a sugar rush but that you really don't want to be there when it wears off as Michelle Bataclan, 16 from Scarborough, ON found out. Only a second into her audition, Zack says that he's a no. She continues and Zack says he's a no again. Unfortunately, the judges ran out of hyjinx before Toronto ran out of bad singers.

Annie Huynh, 25 from Toronto, ON ruins Jessica Simpson - In This Skin - Take My Breath Away Take My Breath Away before Zack sarcastically says "So Close". Gabby Cosco, 24 from Sioux Lookout, ON has Zack tell her it was a show stopper and Floydd Ricketts, 21 from London, ON is told that if they walked down the street and picked 10 people, 8 of them would sing better than he does. Dave Espeut, 18 from Bowmanville, ON gets the brunt of it though as he sings Brian McKnight - Back at One - Back at One Back at One. Zack gets up and picks up a garbage can from one side of the room and hurles it past Dave and into the Toronto letters and signage before storming out of the room mumbling how terrible things are. Zack and Farley then head down to the holding room to tell the contestants to sort it out and take things seriously.

Jordan Robitaille Audition

Farley tells everyone that they're not seeing any potential and they by the size of the population, they should be seeing more in Toronto than anywhere else per capita. Zack then tells them that they've had enough of the beginners. Now the tension in the holding room is even worse as all the nerves spike. That didn't seem to phase Jordan Robitaille, 16 from Belleville, ON though. He rips up Peggy Lee - The Best of Miss Peggy Lee - Fever Fever and eventually gets a gold ticket but Farley and Zack wanted to hear something with a little more melody. Jake gets upset and starts swearing because he says Jordan has more personality than most people they have put through. Jake tips over his chair and throws his mug of water off the table before he storms out.

Johnny Nite Audition

16 year old Johnny Nite from Toronto, ON enters the judges room and does a little meatloaf. Zack is a no and thinks that you could line up 75 other guys and they'd all sound the same but everyone else is on board so young Johnny has his golden ticket to the next round.

Amanda MacKenzie Audition

Amanda MacKenzie, 17 from Whitby, ON lights up the room with Shania Twain - Shania Twain: Greatest Hits - Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under? Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under? and gets the judges all clicking their fingers and clapping and enjoying the moment. She's great and gets a golden ticket to bring a good close on a tough day of auditions taking the total to 21.