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Canadian Idol Episode 19 - Top 8 Performance Show

Submitted by The Critic on Tue, 2006-08-01 01:57

Two down. Seven to go. One Canadian Idol. Last week it was Sarah Loverock's turn to go so she gets to miss out on singing hits from the eighties!

This week our idols got to work with one of the eighties true legends - Cyndi Lauper Cindi Lauper

Ben makes a joke in refenrence to Cindi's Cyndi Lauper - The Essential: Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want to Have Fun Girl's Just Want to have Fun by saying that the judges, Jake Gold, Sass Jordan, Zack Werner and Farley Flex also want to have fun.

Ben introduces our Idols and it's time time to get rockin'... Eighties style!

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First up we get to see who Cindi was in the Eighties. She's got a new acoustic album out of her hits called Cyndi Lauper - The Body Acoustic The Body Acoustic

Brandon Jones
Song choice:
Bon Jovi - New Jersey - I'll Be There for You I'll be there for you
Ph Vote: 1 866 943 6501
TXT Vote to 436501
My Thoughts: Brandon is a bit off tonight. Perhaps it's the backing vocalist who is putting him off but he's way too pitchy for me.
Jake: That was your best performance you've ever done on the show.
Sass: I have to agree with Jake
Farley: The people that love you, now adore you
Zack: You passed the test

Craig Sharpe
Song choice:
Bette Midler - Experience The Divine: Greatest Hits - Wind Beneath My Wings (LP Version) Wind Beneath My Wings
Ph Vote: 1 866 943 6502
TXT Vote to 436502
My Thoughts: I actually like Craig this week and he's finally looking like a pop star. Great performance.
Jake: I would like to see you do something a little out of your element next week
Sass: The day you make a record you need to do that song because you absolutely owned it.
Farley: That was perfect
Zack: I think you've got that George Michael potential so I'm completely on your side.

Rob James
Song choice: Bon Jovi - Slippery When Wet - You Give Love a Bad Name You Give Love a Bad Name
Ph Vote: 1 866 943 6503
TXT Vote to 436503
My Thoughts: No Sir. I don't like it. Next!
Jake: You took over the stage and blew the room up
Sass: I'm floored. That was awesome. I never expected you to do that.
Farley: Way to go Man!
Zack: Winnipeg don't take no $h!t

Steffi D
Song choice: Talk Talk - It's My Life - It's My Life It's My Life
Ph Vote: 1 866 943 6504
TXT Vote to 436504
My Thoughts: Man... EVERYONE is pitchy tonight. She's got great attitude in the song but I don't think it's really who she is.
Jake: That was so exciting and you meant it so much
Sass: No one can argue with that performance
Farley: Good good good work!
Zack: You will be the most famous person ever associated with this show

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Chad Doucette
Song choice:
INXS - Kick - Never Tear Us Apart Never Tear Us Apart
Ph Vote: 1 866 943 6505
TXT Vote to 436505
My Thoughts: Finally. A performance that isn't all over the show vocally. Oops. Maybe not. I'm not entirely convinced by that performance.
Jake: Great song for you.
Sass: That was one of the most convincing performances you've ever given
Farley: Stay who you are
Zack: That was a pretty icky vocal performance. I did you but I didn't dig that

Eva Avila
Song choice:
Billy Idol - Billy Idol - White Wedding, Pt. 1 White Wedding
Ph Vote: 1 866 943 6506
TXT Vote to 436506
My Thoughts: This is a great performance. Plenty of good big notes and attitude. Performance of the night so far.
Jake: I especially loved how you came out and did something that we've never seen you do before and you meant it
Sass: You're all so angry tonight. I'm really enjoying it
Farley: This era of music has so much character and it's great to see you all getting into character and being believable
Zack: If you lived and breathed rock and roll you could really rock

Tyler Lewis
Song choice:
Whitesnake - Here I Go Again: The Whitesnake Collection - Here I Go Again Here I Go Again
Ph Vote: 1 866 943 6507
TXT Vote to 436507
My Thoughts: The performances are certainly getting better as tonight's show goes on. Ok. I just figured out that the backing vocalist is the problem tonight. His harmonies are terrible and seem to be putting the contestants off their key. Someone sack him.
Jake: I really think I need to see something else from you
Sass: I think you know what you do good and you do it well
Farley: Good job. Best top eight ever.
Zack: As a rocker, not so much. As country, yes

Ashley Coulter
Song choice:
The Bangles - Everything - Eternal Flame Eternal Flame
Ph Vote: 1 866 943 6508
TXT Vote to 436508
My Thoughts: I feel for sorry for Ashley's hair. She looks like Annie Lennox! Certainly not the big finale to the show that I was expecting although the big note at the end is nice. A little disappointed that it got cut short.
Jake: On a night that has been outstanding, that was the best
Sass: That was by far the best performance that you've done
Farley: This was phenomenal. That was cooking
Zack: There is a real good chance that you are the next Canadian Idol