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Canadian Idol Episode 15 - Top 10 Performance Review

Submitted by The Critic on Thu, 2006-07-20 18:15

Emerging from a crowd of 12,000. Outlasting the very best of the top 200 in Toronto. For one punishing week they endured to make it into the top 22. Then Canada voted and the cream of the crop, rose to the top to make it into your Canadian Idol Top 10. Tonight, the final race begins as we head towards crowning the next Canadian Idol.

Nelly Furtado - Loose

Ben Mulroney anounces that it's a special 90 minute show tonight in front of a packed house at the John Bassett Theatre. It's Canada Rocks night tonight so our top 10 are performing hits from the top Canadian artists. Not only that, the contestants have worked with Nelly Furtado Nelly Furtado, whose new album Loose debuted at #1 on Billboard's Top 200, this week.

Ben introduces our four judges and asks Jake why Canadian artists are so loved around the world. Jake quotes Ronny Hawkins, a non-Canadian, who said Canadians have to work ten times as hard to get one tenth as far. Jake thinks most Canadians do work that hard and are respected around the world for their work ethic.

Ben then asks Sass as to how the contestants are going to handle the big stage considering that Canadians are generally known as humble people. Sass doesn't think that there's anything wrong with a little ego-mania when you're a performer and thinks that it's, in fact, a necessary thing and hopes that they're not too humble.

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Zack adds that with a full band behind the contestants that Canadian Idol really is the voice of Canadian Music. And with that, we're underway. Ben introduces the Top 10 and then we take a behind the scenes look at our contestants as they prepare to take the stage.

Steffi DiDomenicantonio tells us that entertainment is her absolute calling and what she wants to do for the rest of her life. Despite already having a top 10 hit, Rob James says making the Top 10 of Canadian Idol is his best acheivement to date. Sarah Loverock says she's there thanks to the support of her family. Tyler Lewis has a lot of community support from his small home town of Rockglen. Kati Durst says that her Canadian Idol experience has given her the opportunity to be 24/7 in the world she wants to live in.

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Sarah Loverock
Song choice: Tom Cochrane - Mad Mad World - Life Is a Highway Life Is A Highway
Ph Vote: 1 866 943 6501
TXT Vote to 436501
My Thoughts: The song sounds too low for Sarah and it's too big for her voice. The band is rocking but she sounds too soft.
Jake: It wasn't too great for me in the first verse but you kicked it after that.
Sass: The key sounded a little too low for you at the beginning but your presentation and assuredness was a joy to watch.
Farley: I also thought the key was a bit low.
Zack: I thought you stepped up on a serious level. Good for you.

Rob James
Song choice: The Philosopher Kings Hurts to Love You
Ph Vote: 1 866 943 6502
TXT Vote to 436502
My Thoughts: Rob sounds a little pitchy at the start but once he gets into the chorus he seems to loosen up again. He's spending a lot of the song in his falsetto. His voice doesn't really sound too strong through a lot of this song but his big note at the end makes up for it.
Jake: Last week we said that was the best performance you ever did. I was wrong. That was.
Sass: The heart throb that you really are is coming out.
Farley: It's amazing to hear you sing like that and be animated. It's going to win people over week by week.
Zack: I thought you were a bit shakey in your falsetto but you killed that note at the end which I guess balances things out. You've got to chill just a little bit so it feels a bit more genuine.

Steffi D
Song choice: Alone in the Universe
Ph Vote: 1 866 943 6503
TXT Vote to 436503
My Thoughts: While I normally love a contestant who does something different but starting off first week lying on the floor makes a hard act to follow every week. Steffi doesn't sound as good as she has and I'm not sure she's really singing to her style tonight.
Jake: Don't lose the bow. What a great performance.
Sass: That was a lovely, heartfelt performance. And you look great tonight.
Farley: I thought that was a great performance and you really challenged yourself. Little Bo Peep has found her sheep.
Zack: You've got unique tone, unique presence and I think your growth is the biggest of anyone else around.

Tyler Lewis
Song choice:
Nickelback - Silver Side Up - Too Bad Too Bad
Ph Vote: 1 866 943 6504
TXT Vote to 436504
My Thoughts: Tyler is a little pitchy but his performance is pretty good. Including the throwing away of his mic stand. Actually, some of those notes at the end were rather nasty.
Jake: You couldn't have picked a better song for your voice.
Sass: You kicked it.
Farley: To put it plain and simple, you're a small town country kid who rocked the big city.
Zack: If Chad looked like you then maybe they would have sold another bazillion records. That was imitated but that's what you are. Meat. Potatoes. No Chaser.

Kati Durst
Song choice:
The Band - Northern Lights-Southern Cross (Remastered) - It Makes No Difference It Makes No Difference
Ph Vote: 1 866 943 6505
TXT Vote to 436505
My Thoughts: Sitting on her stool and singing below the note is not going to help her cause even with the excuse that she was singing with a country twang. Surely there are better Canadian songs than this to have chosen to sing.
Jake: Really tough song choice. I thought it was a decent job but I want to say how great you look tonight.
Sass: I must commend you on your choice of music. That's one of the greatest songs ever.
Farley: That performance didn't really grab me.
Zack: I thought that was as if you were singing in your lounge, singing it as you would sing it at home. Whether you're short on pipes to actually be competitive, I thought that was your most honest performance so far.

Brandon Jones small town of 10,000 people are all fully behind him in support of his Canadian Idol quest. Craig Sharpe says his parents have kept him pretty grounded. Ashley Coulter introduces us to her huge family and band. Chad Doucette parents knew that he had something special. Eva Avila's parents think she's a real star.

Brandon Jones
Song choice:
Wave - Nothing As It Seems - California California
Ph Vote: 1 866 943 6506
TXT Vote to 436506
My Thoughts: I quite like Brandon's tone. He's a real bundle of energy bouncing around the stage but he is a little out of breath. His pitch is really nice too.
Jake: It really worked for you and it was really nice that you thanked the band at the end.
Sass: It's so good seeing you pick a song that has as much energy as you. You're like a puppy that we all want to snuffle. It's adorable.
Farley: I thought the energy behind it was great. I really enjoyed it.
Zack: I can't help but see you as the lead character in a revenge of the nerds movie but it was the first time your hip hop moves made sense.

Craig Sharpe
Song choice:
Avril Lavigne - Avril Live - Try to Shut Me Up - Losing Grip Losing Grip
Ph Vote: 1 866 943 6507
TXT Vote to 436507
My Thoughts: I think Craig has a really unique tone but it's just not working for a rock song. He looks, and sounds, like he should be part of a boy band.
Jake: I felt the same way about that performance as I did the first time I saw Avril sing it at the Junos. Wow.
Sass: I like the fact that you're one hell of a drama queen as well as a great singer.
Farley: The song choice in this competition has been phenomenal. Well done.
Zack: I thought you were going to put me in NSync pergatory for a while but you've stood up and done something really cool. Be a star.

Ashley Coulter
Song choice:
The Guess Who - American Woman - American Woman American Woman
Ph Vote: 1 866 943 6508
TXT Vote to 436508
My Thoughts: I quite like Ashley's energy despite the fact that I can't stand the song. One of the best performances of the night I think.
Jake: I thought you did so well with the band.
Sass: Anyone who can do that on those shoes deserves that applause.
Farley: That was really a wonderful development for you.
Zack: The people reacted to you because you came off as a genuine rockstar.

Chad Doucette
Song choice:
Sloan - Pretty Together - The Other Man The Other Man
Ph Vote: 1 866 943 6509
TXT Vote to 436509
My Thoughts: I think Chad has connected with many young girls with those deep eyes of his tonight despite being a little pitchy in places.
Jake: You did a good job.
Sass: I think you're holding out on us.
Farley: I'd like to remind Canada that this boy is only 17 but he is the man.
Zack: I think you have a massive career ahead of you and I just hope we wont hold you back.

Eva Avila
Song choice:
Nelly Furtado - Powerless (Say What You Want) - Single - Powerless (Say What You Want) Powerless
Ph Vote: 1 866 943 6510
TXT Vote to 436510
My Thoughts: It's nice to have a tribute to Nelly Furtado on the show but Eva doesn't seem to really have the same big voice. She's looking hot on stage but I don't think it was the best song choice for her.
Jake: That was the perfect song for you.
Sass: I think you guys have your work cut out for you trying to top these performances. That was insanely great. Definitely were not powerless.
Farley: What a way to finish the show. That was a signature performance for me.
Zack: That felt genuine and a record that you had made. I think the rest of the competition is going to be about who is going to chase Eva.

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