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Canadian Idol Episode 1 - Auditions Review

Submitted by The Critic on Mon, 2006-05-29 21:24

Canadian Idol Here we are Canada! The fourth season of your favourite talent show is back in its fourth year in the search for the best undiscovered talent in Canada. It's going to be a ride!

Before we get to the voting stage though we need to see how the judges selected the 212 contestants who travelled to Toronto for the theatre round before they were eventually cut down to the 22 that Canada will vote for.

Join us as we document the journies of your Canadian Idols through the highs, the lows, the celebrations, the drama and the music. It's going to be a great season!

<!-- ValueClick Media 468x60 Banner v1.4 for --> <!-- ValueClick Media 468x60 Banner v1.4 for --> The One Canadian Idol

Aaron Hernadez, 25 from Yellowknife, NT opens the season rapping "The One", the Canadian Idol anthem. What a fantastic way to start the show with local talent. In fact, the intro is one of the best I've ever seen for the start of an Idol series. If you missed it, check it out here.

We have a relook at last year's grand final between Rex Goudie and your Canadian Idol for 2005, Melissa O'Neil who won after 38 million votes were cast. The youngest winner of Canadian Idol and the first ever female winner, Melissa's debut single went straight to number one where it stayed put for 7 weeks and clocked up 4 times platinum in sales. Her self titled debut album has just gone gold.

This year, more than 12,000 hopefuls lined up at their chance at becoming the next Canadian Idol and after 3 months, 11 cities and more than 8000 kilometres, 212 contestants were selected to travel to Toronto where our judges, Sass Jordan, Zack Werner, Farley Flex and Jake Gold, refined the group down to our top 22. Tonight, we start the journey with the auditions and virst up was Vancouver, BC.

First up is Innocent Kanjedzana, 28 from Surrey, BC. He sings - well, kind of - Elton John - Elton John: Greatest Hits - Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me and it's pretty shocking. Liz Blair, 24 from Langley, BC shows her multi karaoke voices by starting off by grabbing her breasts and sings Britney Spears - Oops!... I Did It Again - Oops!...I Did It Again Oops I did It Again before switching into imitating Cher's Cher - The Very Best of Cher - Believe Believe and then Shakira's Shakira - Live & Off the Record - Underneath Your Clothes Underneath Your Clothes. The judges thoroughly enjoyed her 'performance' but I'm guessing she's not one of the 212. Chelsea Johnson, 19 from Sydney, NS is auditioning for the fourth time but lets out a fart as she prepares to sing sending the judges into fits of laughter. Fourth time unlucky I think.

Josh Clements, 22 from Vancouver, BC is talking himself up and tells us that he has the look etc etc etc. He moves around a bit as he auditions with Dru Hill - Soul Food - We're Not Making Love No More We're Not Making Love No More. Farley asks if he's a better dancer or singer. He reckons he's good at both. Josh says he's doing this for his girlfriend so the judges ask him to bring her in. While Josh goes out to retrieve her, Ben tells us that there is only one thing worse than being humiliated and that's being humiliated in front of your girlfriend. Josh serenades her but Jake says he can't sing. As he leaves he exchanges pleasantries with the judges before coming back to have a go with Farley. He says he can dance better, looks better, smells better and he can sing. Strangely enough, he's still not going through to the next round.

Greg Neufeld

Having a blast out on the water is wake-boarder Greg Neufeld, 22 from Abbotsford, BC. He tells us that he really wants to get his music out there before we finally get to hear him sing. He's got a reasonable voice but is a bit waffly for me as he sings Jason Mraz - Tonight, Not Again - Jason Mraz Live at the Eagles Ballroom - You and I Both You and I Both. The judges ask him to take off his hat and then promptly give him a resounding yes. So Greg Neufeld is our first contestant through to Toronto.

Christina Sing Audition

Callie Cheveallier, 21 from Vancouver, BC sings Brian McKnight - Back at One - Back at One Back at One but acts out every single syllable in the song. Christina Sing, 25 also from Vancouver, BC sings a little Dido with Dido - No Angel - Thank You Thank You and gets some mixed reactions. No matter. Her song bird voice and shapely jaw line are through to the theatre round in Toronto. The cameras then take us back to her home where she shares the good news with her ecstatic family.

Giovanni Zenone Audition

Giovanni Zenone, 16 from New Westminster, BC has bought his entire family in for his audition. He's singing Nat King Cole - The World of Nat King Cole - It's Only a Paper Moon It's Only a Paper Moon in front of the judges and his whole family of about 15 everyone claps and cheers. Zack says he's said no to all the other crooners but today he's going to say yes. Sass says no and then Jake says yes, leaving it up to Farley who rattles off something in Italian which was obviously a yes as everyone cheers as Giovanni gets his golden ticket. I don't think he was that good but obviously the pressure of having an army of family in the room persuaded the judges to put him through.

For the first time ever, Idol touched down just 500 kilometres from the Arctic circle in the Northwest Territories capital of Yellowknife. On our visit, we'll find the best of the best to take back to Vancouver where they will audition in front of our judges.

Miranda Tschirhart, 16 from Yellowknife, NT who sings a little ragtime with Phish - Slip, Stitch and Pass - Hello My Baby Hello My Baby. Next, Ronell Landry, 17 from Yellowknide, NT dances up a storm with Boogie Pimps - Somebody to Love - EP - Somebody to Love (Radio Edit) Somebody to Love. Tawm Foliot, 18 from Yellowknife, NT screams his way through Rob Zombie's Rob Zombie - Rob Zombie: Past, Present & Future - Superbeast Superbeast and is then followed up by Erich Hintz, 18, Sarak Malu, 18 from Yellowknife, NT, Marvin Migwi, 18 and Melvin Lafferty 19 from Rae, NT and Jeremy Jaud, 28 from Yellowknife, NT. Let's face it. They all pretty much sucked.

Noel Taylor Audition

Noel Taylor, 19 from Yellowknife, NT is a rocker with piercing through his eyebrows and lip. In Vancouver he gets his chance to audition and as he walks in Zack asks him if he just woke up. He sings Green Day - Nimrod - Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) Time of Your Life. They ask him if there's anything else that he can do that is a little outside of his zone. Noel tells them that he's already out of his comfort zone just being at an Idol audition as he usually sings punk rock. He gets his golden ticket and then it's a run of them.

Vanvouver Audition Gold Tickets

Another first for Canadian Idol is the audition stop in Kitchener Waterloo. It may be the last time too after hearing Elizabeth Bly, 25 from Oakridges, ON absolutely butcher Whitney Houston - Whitney: The Greatest Hits - Greatest Love of All The Greatest Love of All. How many times must we endure Whitney Houston from contestants who really can't sing. Despite being told that she is the worst singer they have heard from the auditions so far, Elizabeth smiles and maintains she really is a good singer. Outside, Ben talks to her brother who also thinks she is a talented singer. Obviously delusion swims freely in the family gene pool.

Strutting her stuff in a maroon leather jacket is Wendy Blok-Kehoe, 28 from Comber, ON. She's full of nerves and appears to have a collection of hats in her pocket as she sings Ron Dante - Saturday Night Blast - Old Time Rock & Roll / Mony, Mony Old Time Rock & Roll. She gets two yeses and a no so it's down to Farley. She sings Brian Poole - The Number 1 Pop Collection - Do You Love Me? Do You Love Me? while she waits. She's in total disbelief as Farley tells her it's a no.

Next is Tyanna Thorington, 19 from Whitby, ON. She pounds out Aretha Franklin - 30 Greatest Hits - Respect Respect before Zack slams her. "That was tripe. Go home and put on the Aretha record and then give your head a shake. Singing it like you, sucks". Erin Tipping, 26 from Milton, ON sings Bryan Adams - Reckless - Heaven Heaven before Zack opens up his on her. "My grandmother would find you too conservative. You're not even cool enough to be the lounge singer on The Love Boat". Lauren Ward, 21 from Brantford, ON has Zack start to sweep the stage area as she auditions in the hopes that she'd get the message and leave. Mike Lorbetski, 28 from Brantford, ON auditions with INXS - INXS: The Greatest Hits - Never Tear Us Apart Never Tear Us Apart and almost sends Zack over the edge. Zack sends himself around the room on his chair on wheels while Farley tells Mike how disillusioned he is. He is cut short by Zack falling off his chair making a huge crash. Outside, Ben asks if he really is the worst singer in Kitchener Waterloo. He abbruptly tells us that he doesn't actually live there.

Tim Cooper Audition

Crooner Tim Cooper, 17 from Fort McMurray, AB flew 3000km from Alberta to be at his audition and sings Shelby Flint - Shelby Flint Sings Folk - House Of The Rising Sun (Album Version) The House of the Rising Sun. All four of our judges like what he has to offer so his long flight has been worth it as they reward him with a golden ticket. Outside, Tim is ecstatic and is bouncing off the walls in jubilation.

Ashley Coulter Audition

22 year old Ashley Coulter from London, ON tells a story about coming from a large family and not having much money but loving to sing. She also sings Shelby Flint - Shelby Flint Sings Folk - House Of The Rising Sun (Album Version) The House of the Rising Sun but she seems like the nerves are getting the better of her as she is a bit pitchy. The judges argue as to whether or not she is a bar singer or not. They like her though and think she's better than Suzi Rawn so she's getting a gold ticket as well. Outside, Ben harrasses her about her height saying she's like a smurf. She tells him that she's 5"2, but she rounded up.

Kati Durst Audition

Kati Durst, 26 from Goderich, ON is a car detailer but wants to spend more time with her pink guitar performing. She sings Peter, Paul And Mary - Album 1700 - Leaving on a Jet Plane Leaving on a Jet Plane and Farley thinks her tone is just magical. Again, it's a yes all way and Jake says it's only the second time he's gotten chills this audition tour. Of course, she's heading to Toronto.

After Kati's audition, the floodgates opened as Thor Bonfig, 28 from Elliot Lake, ON, Mario DeAngelis, 22 from Hamilton, ON, Heidi Joshua, 29 from Niagara Falls, ON, Alisha Nauth, 19 from Kitchener, ON and Ashley Coles, 16 from Caledonia, ON joined the golden ticket holders heading to Toronto for the theatre round. The song being played in the background is The Veronicas - The Secret Life of the Veronicas - I Could Get Used to This I Could Get Used to This. 29 made it through to Toronto from Kitchener Waterloo.

Ben introduces our new roving reporter who was top 6 in season 2 of Canadian Idol, Elena Juatco, who knows all about the nerves that our Idol hopefuls are feeling as they wait for their chance to audition in front of the judges.

Elena tells us that making a good impression on Idol isn't just about using your voice. She then gives us a look at what the Idol contestants have been wearing as their fashion statements for this season.

Next up we're rocking into Edmonton, AB. Alberta has given us Kalan Porter and Melissa O'Neil so Dennis Deveaux, 26 from Calgary, AB will make it three, right? Wrong! Dennis sings Cherry Poppin' Daddies - Zoot Suit Riot - The Swingin' Hits of the Cherry Poppin' Daddies - Zoot Suit Riot Zoot Suit Riot and steps from side to side like an unco white boy at the prom. Kayla Albrecht, 18 from Panoka, AB is just as bad with Christina Aguilera - Christina Aguilera - Reflection Reflection. Oh you have to love disillusioned people! Billy Coo, 27 from Barrie, ON has been in the music business for four days and certainly isn't lacking in personality like many of the Alberta contestants.

Ben introduces the next segment with "Over the years, Canadian Idol has managed to find some of the eccentric performers our great land has to offer. We like to call it the Extravaganza of the Unusual."

Melissa Stahr, 26 from Edmonton and Roxy Doctor, 28 from Lamont, AB both perform the worst rendition of Ladysmith Black Mambazo - Journey of Dreams - Amazing Grace (Album Version) Amazing Grace as a duet, ever! My gosh. Are they both tone deaf?! Ew! Ew! EWW!

Jesse Lipscombe, 25 from St Albert, AB is a pro high jumper but isn't sure how high the bar has been set for Idol. He sings Otis Redding - The Dock of the Bay - (Sittin' on) The Dock of the Bay Dock of the Bay and impresses the judges. He's through. Jinting Zhao, 20 from Edmonton, AB, Mariam Farook, 17 from Edmonton, AB and Nevada Von Bieker, 21 also from Edmonton, AB also make it through to Toronto with Alberta's perfect record staying intact as 28 made it through.

Next week we're in Regina, Montreal, St Johns and Toronto as we try and find the next Canadian Idol.